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  • Virtual Storage Integrator – VSI 5.5

    Actually using the Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) from EMC will simplify the complex environments used to create virtual data centers and private clouds. Wanted to bring to your attention some of the new features in the VSI What is new? A little deeper Demo from my good friend Itzik Reich @itzikr Itzik shows off how […]

  • VDI Calculator for VNX

    Biggest question around sizing your VDI usually comes down to sizing the storage. Some of the solutions team created a pretty cool sizing whitepaper a few months back. Which inspired me to create this web based calculator. It is not meant to do everything in the whole world. Just give a quick and easy VNX […]

  • More on the EMC, Cisco and Citrix 5000 on vSphere CVD (Cisco Validated Design) in 30 minutes

    UPDATED May 26 – New links included Mike Brennan’s latest blog going into the testing and details of the CVD – Scaling CVD for XenDesktop and EMC on Cisco <—-NEWEST Version of the paper!!!! Back a few months ago I shared about the joint reference architecture that was able to boot and login 5000 users in […]

  • My VMworld Session – Enterprise PaaS

    If you have a session I missed please put it in the comments are yell at me on twitter. My submission I had 2 other sessions that seemed to be the exact same submissions as a certain VP from EMC, so I stuck with 5351 Enterprise Platform as a Service. – How IT will compete […]

  • An All New but Very Similar Adventure

    The more things stay the same the more they change, or something like that. At the beginning of the month I started a new place within EMC. I am now the VMware/Cloud/SDDC guy for the Solutions Marketing and Enablement team with the EMC Solutions Group. Exciting new and fun things coming especially around content related […]

  • VMware View Stretched Cluster

    The last few days I have been considering the best way to stretch a cluster of VMware View resources. After digging and talking to people smarter than me I figured out there is a lot of things to consider and that means lots of ways to solve this. In this first post I want to […]

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone it was a busy year. Can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. To everyone out there that takes the time to check out my blog, thank you. I hope you have a great holiday time, enjoy your family time and see you in 2013.        

  • If you changed your IP in Puppet Razor

    If you happen to build your puppet server using VMware Workstation then export the OVF so you can import it into an vSphere environment later. I had a bit of weirdness after the IP address changed. After setting my static IP I had to restart puppet. It seemed like it was going to work BUT […]

  • You down with VDP? Yeah you know me!

    I had to be the first one to make a really bad joke. Everyone will admit, how to efficiently back up your VM’s is a hot topic. Remember VDP is VMware’s product, but a lot of EMC technical people should be able to let you know right away how it works. VDP will be an […]

  • In-n-Out trip VMworld 2012

    Time for the 4th annual trip to In-n-out at VMworld. This year we are in San Francisco. The calendar during dinner tim is getting packed with all kinds of things. SO as an attempt to get more people. The in-n-out trip will be a post EMC party deal level out any adult beverages trip. On […]