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  • Not the Same Ol’ Sessions from Pure Storage at VMworld

    I am really excited to be going to VMworld once again. I will be wearing my Orange Nike so most likely my feet won’t hurt quite as bad. Also expect the Pure Orange Superman to make an appearance. More about the sessions. So I will be attending VMworld San Francisco, and speaking in EMEA. STO2996-SPO […]

  • VAAI and XCOPY with Pure Storage

    VAAI has been around (almost 4 years now)for a while now and this is one thing I don’t often hear customers or others talking about very often. When your vSphere hosts detect that Hardware Acceleration is compatible. The host will attempt to send VAAI compatible commands to the storage device. As we describe it usually […]

  • What happened while getting 100% Virtualized

    I often think about how many people have stalled around getting to 100% virtual. I know you are thinking I need to find some fun things to do. You are probably right. The first thing I thought when I deployed my very first virtual infrastructure project back in the day was, “Man, I want to […]

  • No Spindles Bro

    I was assisting one of my local team members the other day with sizing a VM for Microsoft SQL. I usually always fall back to this guide from VMware. So I started out with the basic seperation of Data and Logs and TempDB. Make it look like this: VM Disk Layout LSI SCSI Adapter C: […]

  • Getting Ready for VMworld in Barcelona

    My planing for VMworld in Barcelona began right after Speed 2 Lead Megalaunch from EMC. First came the meetings about who should be staffing the booth. In years past EMC would staff the booth with mainly BU (business unit) experts. Great people, but this really made for a product centric style in the booth. Some […]

  • VSI 6.0 vSphere Web Client

    I didn’t get a chance to post this to the blog earlier this week. I wanted to share a demo I worked on this week showing how to install the new Web Client based Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI). We all know that the windows only client is in its last days (lived about a year […]

  • VMware vCenter Appliance 5.5 – Tour

    So you have ESXi up and running. What is next? Get the vCenter appliance running. I downloaded the OVA and imported in just a few minutes. After getting the appliance all booted go the https://<your-ip>:5480 Setup vCenter Options I selected custom so I could go through all the options. Oracle is also an option. Fill […]

  • Installing VMware vSphere 5.5 – Quick Tour

    So if you haven’t gone through it in your lab, what is better than getting an idea of how to install vSphere 5.5 with a few screenshots. For the beginners out there I just wanted to walk through the process really quick like. Boot from the media! Still looks very familar if you have done […]

  • VMworld 2013 – In-N-Out Burger Meetup

    The annual 2vcps run to In-n-Out burger! This kid from Southern California now living in Atlanta, Georgia needs to get some burgers. So let’s meet up get a Double Double and talk a bit about all the cool things going on at VMworld. Meetup Where: at the In-n-out in San Francsico When: Tuesday 8/27 – […]

  • UPDATE: OSX on Fusion VM

    I won’t fully apolgize for saying I wanted to punch Apple. Mainly, this is made much harder than it needs to be. If this doesn’t make sense read my previous rant about getting the install image for OSX Mountain Lion to run a VM legally and licensed on my Mac Mini purchased with Mountain Lion […]