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  • QoS with Pure Service Orchestrator v6 to keep apps from running amok

    One of the great new features of PSO 6 is ability to create a storage class with a pre-defined limit on IO or bandwidth (or both). Watch the following short demo to check it out. More information can be found here in the PSO 6 documentation. A quick sample

  • Pure Service Orchestrator 6 is now GA!

    Simon covers the details here: Now if you used any of the old versions of PSO you know it can smart provision across Pure Storage arrays with a single storageClass for block and one for file. Today I am proud to share the mysterious and sometimes confusing third storageClass pure is no longer installed with […]

  • Kubernetes PVC mounted by External Devices

    I want to attach to a share that is already used by a physical server or some other device. I also want to attach containers that are orchestrated by K8s. This scenario is one customers have been asking for since the first version of Pure Service Orchestrator. When you normally create a PVC the PSO […]

  • Webinar: Raising the Bar for Kubernetes Backup and Mobility

    Coming July 14 at 12 EST or 9am PST there will be a combined Kasten and Pure webinar about Kubernetes backup and mobility. As you are working on providing the expected levels of enterprise grade backup and recovery for you k8s based applications this will be a great webinar to help you learn more about […]

  • Use Kasten K10 to migrate K8s Volumes to Pure Storage

    TL;DR – Move Kubernetes volumes from legacy storage to Pure Storage. So you have an amazing new Pure Storage array in the datacenter or in public cloud. The Container Storage Interface doesn’t provide a built in way to migrate data between backend devices. I previously blogged about a few ways to clone and migrate data […]

  • Hey, Don’t break EBS

    Hey, Don’t break EBS

    TL;DR – EBS Volumes fail to mount when multipathd is installed on EKS worker nodes. AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service is a great way to dive in with managed Kubernetes in the cloud. Pure Service Orchestrator integrates EKS worker nodes into the Cloud Block Store on AWS. I created this ansible playbook to make sure the […]

  • Flex is dead… long live CSI

    Flex is dead… long live CSI

    How to Upgrade your PSO FlexDriver deployment to the latest CSI-based driver Over the past few months, the Kubernetes FlexDriver codebase has been deprecated and there is a solid shift towards using CSI-based drivers for providing Persistent Volumes to Kubernetes environments. I’m not going to address the reasons behind that shift here, but suffice to […]

  • What’s new in PSO 5.1 and 5.2

    This is mainly just a post to refer to the updates I shared on the main Pure Storage blog. BTW… saw this photo from Dockercon 2017, we have come a long way with PSO. Also my beard has come a long way. Can’t believe it has been 3 years.

  • Kubernetes Topology for StatefulSet Storage Redundancy with PSO

    Kubernetes Topology for StatefulSet Storage Redundancy with PSO

    Label your hosts. Install PSO with Labels Set your StorageClass to use WaitForFirstConsumer Set the StatefulSet to schedule pods for a “nodeSelector”. For the full “walkthrough” please see the demo content on GitHub. It would be great to hear how this works for you and how it can solve your Cloud Native Database requirements.

  • PSO wrt DKS & UCP

    PSO wrt DKS & UCP

    Please welcome Simon making a guest appearance to go through whatever it is this is about. 🙂 – Jon Got to love those TLAs!! To demystify the title of this blog, this will be about installing Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO) with Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS). Specifically, I’ll be talking about PSO CSI driver v5.0.8, running […]