Category: powershell

  • PureStorage + REST API + Splunk = Fun with Data about Data

    A few months back I posted a powershell script to post Pure Storage data directly into VMware vCenter Operations Manager (now called vRealize Operations). Inspiration hit me like a brick when a big customer of mine said, “Do you have a plugin for Splunk?” He already wrote some scripts in python to pull data from […]

  • Dynamic Cluster Pooling

    Dynamic Cluster Pooling is an idea that Kevin Miller ( @captainstorage) and I came up with one day while we were just rapping out some ideas on the whiteboard. It is an incomplete idea, but may have the beginnings of something useful. The idea is that clusters can be dynamically sized depending on expected workload. […]

  • Virtual Twits Powershell Script

    I know, about 9 other people already posted Alan Renouf’s list of virtualization people to follow in twitter. The really cool thing is the powershell script to add everyone. I promise I was going to mention it even before I was added to the list. Now that @2vcps made the list it just seems like […]

  • Virtual Switch Script

    So I wanted to put a new script up every week. Hopefully I can be more persistent. I wanted a quick way to deploy network settings to a number of ESX hosts I would build for a client.