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  • You down with VDP? Yeah you know me!

    I had to be the first one to make a really bad joke. Everyone will admit, how to efficiently back up your VM’s is a hot topic. Remember VDP is VMware’s product, but a lot of EMC technical people should be able to let you know right away how it works. VDP will be an […]

  • Book Review: Automating vSphere with VMware vCenter Orchestrator

    So to be 100% honest I have had this book on my desk for several months. Just staring at me. Calling my name. VMware press provided this copy to me along with Mike Laverick’s SRM book and so I am finally going to review the first one. Cody Bunch does an amazing job of breaking […]

  • Extents vs Storage DRS

    I was meeting with a customer today and had to stop for a second when they said they were using 10 TB datastores in vSphere 4.1. At first I was going through my head of maybe NFS? No they are an all block shop. Oh wait yeah, extents. They were using 2 TB -512 byte […]

  • vSphere Metro Stretched Clusters – Some Info/Links

    A lot of questions lately about vSphere Clusters across distance. I really need to learn for myself so I collected some good links. Make sure you understand what “Only Non-uniform host access configuration is supported” means. Someone correct me if I have this wrong but your device that enables the distributed virtual storage needs to […]

  • iSCSI Connections on EqualLogic PS Series

    Equallogic PS Series Design Considerations VMware vSphere introduces support for multipathing for iSCSI. Equallogic released a recommended configuration for using MPIO with iSCSI.   I have a few observations after working with MPIO and iSCSI. The main lesson is know the capabilities of the storage before you go trying to see how man paths you can […]

  • Get iSCSI iqn from the ESX Command Line

    I was in my personal ESX about to upgrade to update 1. I was distracted by trying to setup iSCSI from the command line. Right before I looked to the vSphere Client to get the iqn I said, “There is surely a way for me to find this from the command line.” Searching around I […]

  • Upgrade to vSphere already

    OK, SRM and View 4 are out. Go ahead and start planning those upgrades from 3.x to 4. I mean really, vSphere is out now for almost 6 months. Get Enterprise Plus or the Acceleration kit, just get to vSphere. Here are a few of my reason’s why. 1. Round Robin Storage IO. Those without […]

  • VMworld Day 2 – All your vCloud are belong to us

    Note: I rarely do posts like this. I would rather explain an admin problem and solution. I hope this doesn’t scare too many away. I am in a rant mood. Day 2 was a great day at VMworld. The key-note today combined with the announcement after the keynote sparked a couple thoughts. I would bet […]

  • Using iSCSI to get some big ole disk in a Virtual Machine

    First, I have lived in the South too long, because I said “Big ole disk” and couldn’t think of a more appropriate phrase. Now someone rescue me if I start to tell you to “mash” the power button on your server or SAN. I kid. I am sure everyone out there has used this before […]

  • A Brick Hit Me

    During the VMware Communities Roundtable today. I learned that Lab Manager 4 only works with vCenter Server 4. Ah! So be sure to plan ahead because even though ESX 3.5 and 4 hosts are supported your vCenter 2.5 is not. So once you upgrade to vCenter 4 you will need to upgrade to Lab Manger […]