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  • Quickly Install Cloud Native Storage CSI Driver for vSphere 6.7

    First, you really should really truly understand the docs on VMware’s CSI driver.Cloud Native Storage Getting Started More information can be found at my GitHub.https://github.com/2vcps/cns-installer First if you meet all the pre-requisites mention in the CNS documentation clone my repo: git clone https://github.com/2vcps/cns-installer.git Then edit the install.sh and add your credentials and vCenter information. VCENTER=”<vcenter […]

  • VASA Provider Certificate Expiration

    Sometimes I have to look up information and I think that is so simple I shouldn’t blog about it. Then I think I should share the link so if anyone else finds it, I might be helpful. Today the 2nd one wins. When you get this: Go here:https://support.purestorage.com/Solutions/VMware_Platform_Guide/003Virtual_Volumes_-_VVols/Guides_and_How_To’s/How_To%3A__Renewing_the_Storage_Provider_Certificate_that_is_Expired_or_Going_to_Expire I just want to note that the […]

  • Another Kickoff and a New Year

    November 2018 was my the finish of my 5th year at Pure. I really meant to write up a recap but let’s just say November and December were super busy. I was in Barcelona for VMworld EMEA the beginning of November, then came home to visit more customers around the US and tell them about […]

  • VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas

    I was going to write my own post, but Cody Hosterman already did a great one. Cody’s VMworld 2018 and Pure Storage Blog The sessions are filling up so it will be a good idea to register and get there early. I am very excited about talking about Kubernetes on vSphere. It will follow my […]

  • Finally Getting my vSphere 6 Lab running on Ravello

    Using the Autolab 2.6 Config Head on over the Labguides.com and check out autolab. I wanted a quick start, but didn’t want all the fun to be automated out of my hands. So I will give a quick tour of how I got my basic lab up and going. Part 2 I will add a […]

  • Top 5 – Pure Storage Technical Blog Posts 2014

    Today I thought it would be pretty cool to list out my favorite 5 technical blog posts that pertain to Pure Storage. These are posts that I use to show customers how to get things done without re-inventing the wheel. Big thanks to Barkz and Cody for all the hard work they put in this […]

  • VAAI and XCOPY with Pure Storage

    VAAI has been around (almost 4 years now)for a while now and this is one thing I don’t often hear customers or others talking about very often. When your vSphere hosts detect that Hardware Acceleration is compatible. The host will attempt to send VAAI compatible commands to the storage device. As we describe it usually […]

  • VMware vCenter Appliance 5.5 – Tour

    So you have ESXi up and running. What is next? Get the vCenter appliance running. I downloaded the OVA and imported in just a few minutes. After getting the appliance all booted go the https://<your-ip>:5480 Setup vCenter Options I selected custom so I could go through all the options. Oracle is also an option. Fill […]

  • Installing VMware vSphere 5.5 – Quick Tour

    So if you haven’t gone through it in your lab, what is better than getting an idea of how to install vSphere 5.5 with a few screenshots. For the beginners out there I just wanted to walk through the process really quick like. Boot from the media! Still looks very familar if you have done […]

  • Virtual Storage Integrator 5.6 – What’s New

    The Virtual Storage Integrator or VSI has been around for a while. Seems every release something new and exciting gets added that customer have asked for. The VSI 5.6 plugin for EMC is the latest version (9/13/2013) of the plugin to help streamline and simplify interactions between the vSphere client and the EMC storage used […]