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  • Kubernetes Topology for StatefulSet Storage Redundancy with PSO

    Kubernetes Topology for StatefulSet Storage Redundancy with PSO

    Label your hosts. Install PSO with Labels Set your StorageClass to use WaitForFirstConsumer Set the StatefulSet to schedule pods for a “nodeSelector”. For the full “walkthrough” please see the demo content on GitHub.https://github.com/2vcps/pso-topology-crdb It would be great to hear how this works for you and how it can solve your Cloud Native Database requirements.

  • Upgrading K8s to 1.17.4 and PSO to 5.1.0

    This morning I needed to upgrade one of my dev clusters to 1.17.4. I decided to capture the experience. Don’t worry I speed up the ansible output flying by I use Kubespray to deploy and upgrade my clusters. I didn’t do anything really to prepare. All of my clusters I can rebuild pretty easy from […]

  • Migrating K8s Stateful Apps with Pure Storage

    I have to move my harbor instance to a new cluster. old cluster – find all the PVC’s clone in the FlashArrayFind each PVC listed when you run the above command, you may either create a snapshot or a full clone. Bring up the new app with the same sized PVC’s on your new cluster. […]

  • Kubespray and vSphere VMs

    I build and destroy Kubernetes clusters nearly weekly. Doing it on VMs makes this super easy. I also need to demo Pure Service Orchestrator so having in guest iSCSI is a must. Following this repo should give any vSphere admin an easy way to learn kubectl, helm and PSO quite easily (of course PSO works […]

  • Pure Storage and Weaveworks Webinar – March 17

    I am pretty excited to be doing a webinar with Weaveworks on Weave Kubernetes Platform and Pure Storage. I met Damani at Kubecon and Re:Invent and we have been talking about doing this for months. I am excited to integrate Pure Service Orchestrator and Pure Storage into a platform providing a full collection of what […]

  • Building the Python Twitter Bot with Jenkins and Kubernetes – part 3

    This is the third part of the blogs I have been writing to document building a Python based twitter bot and running it in a container and deploying it to Kubernetes. The first post was about building the python, the second was all about building the docker container and using a deployment in Kubernetes. This […]

  • Quickly Install Cloud Native Storage CSI Driver for vSphere 6.7

    First, you really should really truly understand the docs on VMware’s CSI driver.Cloud Native Storage Getting Started More information can be found at my GitHub.https://github.com/2vcps/cns-installer First if you meet all the pre-requisites mention in the CNS documentation clone my repo: git clone https://github.com/2vcps/cns-installer.git Then edit the install.sh and add your credentials and vCenter information. VCENTER=”<vcenter […]

  • Pure Service Orchestrator is Validated for Enterprise PKS

    The Pure Service Orchestrator Team is excited to announce that PSO is now validated with PKS Enterprise 1.4. PSO is PKS Partner Ready.

  • New Release: Pure Service Orchestrator 5.0.2

    The latest version of the CSI enabled Pure Service Orchestrator is now available. Snaps and Clones for Persistent Volume Claims enables use cases for K8s clusters to now move data between apps and environments. Need to make instant database copies for dev or test? Super easy now. Since this feature leverages the capabilities of the […]

  • Installing PSO in a PKS Cluster using the Operator

    Learn more about PKS and Pure Storage with these posts:Getting started with Persistent Storage and PKS Installing PSO in PKS with HelmInstalling PSO in PKS with the OperatorUse PKS + VMware SDDC + Pure StorageMigrating PSO Volumes into vVols and PKS Remember to have the K8s cluster created within PKS and remember to think about […]