The Missing VMDK

This week I had a weird thing happen. A already problematic VM in the OS and never really a problem in ESX. The machine shutdown because it is convinced there is another Windows 2003 SBS server on the domain, which there is not. This time it turned off and could not be powered back on. The VMDK file for the C drive was missing! I didn’t panic, much. The -flat.vmdk file was still there. I was able to track down a way to fix it:
1. Create a new vmdk the same size.
2. Copy and rename the .vmdk file to the needed location.
3. Edit the .vmdk to point to the -flat.vmdk.
4. Add the virtual disk to the VM.

Everything was ok. I still don’t know how the file could up and dissapear.
Any thoughts?

So Google says…

Looking at the analytics a few people reach my site because I simply posted a link to a VMware video showing the comparison of installing Hyper-v and ESXi.

Funny to me is my link to the video shows up higher than the VMware version.

All good. Maybe someday people will start to check my own stuff out?

Hyper-V vs ESXi

Great video

I would even argue that the installation of ESX 3.5 can be done nearly as easy. ESX setup puts any Microsoft product to shame. Now don’t get me wrong, I benefit from the fact that most people find all IT operations confusing. It keeps me working everyday.

Virtual Switch Script

So I wanted to put a new script up every week. Hopefully I can be more persistent.

I wanted a quick way to deploy network settings to a number of ESX hosts I would build for a client.

The First Post: The Origin of 2VCP’s and a Truck

Two VCP’s and a Truck was a joke that I used with a co-worker one day for a non-existing Virtualization Consulting Company that played off the name for the moving company 2 Men and a Truck. Since I do not like the thought of being fired, my family has got used to living in a house and eating food. I want to make it clear this is just a blog about Virtualization and related technologies.

For my wife and parents:
VCP = VMware Certified Professional