Finally Getting my vSphere 6 Lab running on Ravello

Using the Autolab 2.6 Config

Head on over the and check out autolab. I wanted a quick start, but didn’t want all the fun to be automated out of my hands. So I will give a quick tour of how I got my basic lab up and going. Part 2 I will add a VSAN cluster so I can catch up there too.

The auto-builds of Windows worked great. The domain controller auto setup with DHCP, Active Directory and the fun bits to get PXE working the the ESXi install. This is stuff I didn’t want to waste time on.

I had to re-kick off the vCenter build to get Powershell and PowerCLI up and going. I had to manually install vCenter 6 and the vCenter Appliance doesn’t play nice with Autolab. Ok for me because I actually wanted to run through the install to check the options and see if things like SSO setup got any better.

Letting the hosts PXE boot for vSphere 6 install.

ESXi Install finished

Installing vCenter 6.0

Deploying vCenter was actually pretty smooth. Small lab so I am using the Embedded Deployment.

Adding Hosts

Troubleshooting HA Issues

Just like old times the HA agents didn’t install correctly the first time. The more things change…


Great stuff from Ravello

Very thankful for the vExpert Lab space Ravello provided. If you are considering a home lab but don’t want to buy servers and switches and even storage this can be a good way to play with vSphere. I also spun up Photon and Openstack. Although I want to walk through the Openstack install from start to finish.

One of my hosts did this on boot but a quick restart and it was fine. Next step is to add some VSAN hosts which I will show next time.

(Hey, it’s emulated IntelVT on top of AWS, so its not-PROD.)


Use Ravello Repo to get the autolab config, openstack (which I am also playing with), and some other blueprints for labs.

Some help from this post from William Lam



VMworld 2015 Wish List

As I no longer have view into roadmap for anyone. I thought I would make my wish list for announcements coming from VMware in 5 days. Actually it is a wish item.

No FLASH vSphere 6.x Webclient.

Browser plugins should go in here:

(and you all thought I was biased toward flash)

Honestly though there is nothing worse* than when my Adobe Flash plugin is old or I can only hit the vCenter from a jump server that you don’t want to install crappy browser plugins. I don’t want to buffer my time by 15 minutes to upgrade the flash plugin every time I need vCenter to do something. Right, I didn’t need my 27 browser tabs anyways when Adobe asks to close all browsers on my system. <rant over>

Star Explosion Death Sar animated GIF

*I know there are worse things in the world, call this a “VMadmin World Problem”

How to get the latest Pure1 Manage

Just kidding, it already happened. No VM to upgrade. No packages to push out to 9 datacenters. Pure SaaS goodness. (See what I did there?)


Want a little more detail in Pure1? Try out the expanded view. The expanded view shown below provides a little more insight into the Capacity, Health and Performance of the Flash Array.


Click the title of each section in order to drill down to more detail of each Flash Array. We will take a deeper look at our lab m70.