Getting Ready for VMworld in Barcelona

My planing for VMworld in Barcelona began right after Speed 2 Lead Megalaunch from EMC. First came the meetings about who should be staffing the booth. In years past EMC would staff the booth with mainly BU (business unit) experts. Great people, but this really made for a product centric style in the booth. Some vSpecialists would be floating around the booth having conversations that usually spanned across multiple EMC business units. (example: How do I configure iSCSI multipathing for VNX while backing up with Avamar and Data Domain?) This year our goal was to flip it around. Where there would be mainly pre-sales people that loved VMware and EMC together. Complimented by a few experts from the BU’s to answer the deepest of questions.

We found this worked great in San Francisco so it is back again. With all new specialists from the EMEA region. These awesome Advanced Software SE’ and vSpecialists will be able to lead conversations on:
– SDDC (Software Defined Datacenter)
– SDS (Software-defined Storage)
– Mission Critical Applications (and how to virtualize them)
– Management and Orchestration
– End User Computing
– Trusted IT
– Tech Previews (Next Generation type things)

After getting all the right people in place came the time to get all the right demos. While some of the demos are the same from San Francisco, expect to see a some really cool new things.

None of this would have worked without the help of several AWESOME people. Jim Sanzone and Paul Manning are amazing guys to work with and it is a pleasure to learn from you two.

Make sure to come see me and my friends in the EMC booth. It should not be hard to find.

As an add on project I will be participating with the EMCElect to he curate things at the show.

VSI 6.0 vSphere Web Client

I didn’t get a chance to post this to the blog earlier this week. I wanted to share a demo I worked on this week showing how to install the new Web Client based Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI). We all know that the windows only client is in its last days (lived about a year too long in my opinion). So the new plugin to provision storage for the vSphere admin is a welcome addition. This very first version supports storage that is being Softwared-defined via ViPR.

Watch Full screen to see it better.

VSI is no extra charge and you can download if you have a valid EMC support contract from

VMware vCenter Appliance 5.5 – Tour

So you have ESXi up and running. What is next? Get the vCenter appliance running. I downloaded the OVA and imported in just a few minutes.


After getting the appliance all booted go the https://<your-ip>:5480

Setup vCenter Options


I selected custom so I could go through all the options.


Oracle is also an option.


Fill in if external. Embedded you just need to choose a password for the Administrator.


Setup your Active Directory authentication. You can do this later if you don’t have the right information now. One thing I learned is the hostname of the appliance MUST be set to a FQDN for this to work.


NTP rocks!


Sign in. the default username and password for the appliance is root and vmware


Now you have a ESXi all ready and added. Start being Virtually awesome.