Some Reality for us Infrastructure Peeps or Apps are cool too

Don’t’ you just love double titles?

For many years I have been an infrastructure guy. I really liked how the cables, and processors and Memory and blinking lights worked. Applications were often the necessary evil tolerated so that I can play with cool technology. During my own journey toward learning about the cloud it becomes increasingly important to consider the function of the application. Six years ago me would totally punch me in the face right now. Traitor. J

1 – Don’t get your App messed up in my resource buckets of awesomeness


So the reality check to the Infrastructure geek in me is this: The application teams really think of what you do as the network. That is why when anything is ever wrong it is always “the network’s” fault. What we love to do is getting abstracted more and more. I will still contend that is very important and very hard to do. Whether you are building reference architectures or deploying a converged infrastructure appliance almost no one but us cares. They just want the data to do their jobs. So while we have really great discussions about speeds and feeds, the guy in the picture below just wants the app. From the hypervisor down we need to design with the application in mind or we will risk becoming like that goth dude locked in the server room on IT Crowd.


2 Honey badger don’t care about FCoE

My next post will get into what I have been researching regarding what is out there and hopefully help us (infra. peeps) understand our App/Dev brothers better.

You are probably an Infrastructure person if:

  1. You read this blog.
  2. You work mainly with Virtualization
  3. Storage Admin
  4. Network Admin
  5. You like to make fun of DBA’s


Atlanta vBeers – March 12, 2012

Next week besides the already large numbers of Virtualization and Storage experts in the Atlanta metro there are a few more people coming to town. Don’t really need a better excuse, and with all the people based in Atlanta (we should do this more). Monday March 12, 2012 a #vBeers will be occur at the Taco Mac near the Perimeter mall. Five to 8 or later if you prefer.

Steps to Enjoying vBeers

  • Leave your sales pitch in the parking lot.
  • Get a beer or a Coke (in Atlanta it’s Coke)
  • Come meet new people
  • Come excited about some tech, Virtualization, Storage, Networking, App/Dev, Cloudy Cloud Cloud.
  • Share what you know, but also listen. There is so much to learn.

Taco Mac Perimeter
1211 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA 30346
(678) 336-1381  (404) 378-4140 (Mobile)