Random Half Thoughts While Driving

So I often have epiphany teasers while driving long distances or stuck in traffic. I call them teasers because they are never fully developed ideas and often disappear into thoughts about passing cars, or yelling at the person on their cell phone going 15 MPH taking up 2 lanes. Here is some I was able to save today (VMware […]

VMware View and Xsigo

*Disclaimer – I work for a Xsigo and VMware partner. I was in the VMware View Design and Best practices class a couple weeks ago. Much of the class is built on the VMware View Reference Architecture. The picture below is from that PDF. It really struck me how many IO connections (Network or Storage) […]

iSCSI Connections on EqualLogic PS Series

Equallogic PS Series Design Considerations VMware vSphere introduces support for multipathing for iSCSI. Equallogic released a recommended configuration for using MPIO with iSCSI.   I have a few observations after working with MPIO and iSCSI. The main lesson is know the capabilities of the storage before you go trying to see how man paths you can […]

Five Things you should know about VMware Certification – thanks @rickvanover

Tonight I was sitting with my Mac Book Pro, wife and kids all in bed, perfect blogging time. Except no idea what I wanted to write. After a burst of twitter encouragement from @rickvanover here we go: Five things you should know about VMware Certs: 1. If you work for a VMware partner, start with […]