New VMware KB – zeroedthick or eagerzeroedthick

Due to the performance hit while zeroing mentioned in the Thin Provisioning Performance white paper this article in the VMware knowledge base could be of some good use.

I would suggest using eagerzeroedthick for any high IO tier 1 type of Virtual Machine. This can be done when creating the VMDK from the GUI by selecting the “Support Clustering Features such as Fault Tolerance” check box.

So go out and check your VMDK’s.

Top 25 – Vote Now

Well time to get on over to Eric Siebert’s vSphere-land and vote for the top 25 VMware Blogs. The goal this year is to have someone besides my Mom and myself vote for me. So if you happen to like the content of this blog please vote for me. Now some recap of recent posts to remind you why a vote for 2vcps is a vote for vAwesomeness.

Remember the what not to tweet list? Always fun.
What about the time I ranted some nonsense from VMworld? Here. and here.
Who could forget the time I said some stuff about VMware?

I trust equiped with this information you will now be able to place 2vcps in your list of votes.

All kidding aside, I think it is just cool to be on the ballot. 🙂