VMworld Wednesday Morning – Keynote and Virtualizing Exchange Session

This morning’s keynote was more geared toward the engineer at least I felt more interested. Not to say yesterday was bad, today played more to my interest level.

The Wyse Pocket Cloud is one thing I will be sure to check out. Actually how usable it will be on AT&T shotty 3g network remains to be seen but if you are in range of a good wifi, you probably have your laptop around, but hey it is still freaking cool. Having tried RDP and Citrix via Mobile PC a couple years ago I am interested to see how far the usability has come. Before the usability was equal to zero so there was nowhere to go but up.

Springsource was on the stage again. I believe VMware is trying to show their relevance in the direction they are planning.

Attended a really good Exchange 2007 on vSphere session. Most of it I was familiar with having tried to keep up with the whitepapers on Exchange over the last year. It was good to see a customer success story. Technically the focused more on topology and server role layouts than any kind of “set this setting to x, to make it fast”. From what I can see you need a 3rd party snapshot (san level) software to protect the database from corruption. All other methods do not keep multiple copies of the data. It was good to see a baseline of 1500 users per mailbox server on a single vCPU VM when using the Intel 5500 series procs. That will be good ammo to build one vCPU box and scale out and use FT for hardware failure.

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