Virtualizing Exchange Mixed Messages from Microsoft, VMware

The release of this article at You had me at EHLO (aka Exchange blog team) and the previous links from VMware’s Virtualized Exchange discussions. Seems to be almost too coincidental that Microsoft’s Exchange blog published an article about virtualizing Exchange on Hyper-V a few days after VMware mades posts and hosted a discussion concerning Exchange. […]

Education and Virtualization – Oh, the Possibilities

Saw this article the other day. Really good to see the Alma Mater take a plunge into Virtualization. I spent four and half years starting my IT career at USC working while I was studying.I think amazing things could be done in education with virtualization. That isn’t just Virtual Desktops for computer labs, although that […]

ESX Commands – esxcfg-configcheck

The ESX Quick reference has information on this command. I didn’t find any posts in the VMware Communities or the Knowledge base with any reference to this command. From what I can cypher it checks the settings of the /etc/vmware/esx.conf . I wonder if it does any more or less. So really, does anyone know […]