GNS3- Graphical Network Simulator – New Release

GNS3 is a excellent tool that uses dynamips to simulate routers running real Cisco IOS. You must have rights on your CCO account to download the IOS. It also includes the PIX emulator so you can check out your PIX/ASA configs. Only piece missing is the switch simulators. You can combine GNS3 with VMware Workstation […]

Central Syslog Host for ESX – Syslog-ng

Someone may have already written all this, but oh well. 1. Install something free like Ubuntu Server. 2. I use Ubuntu because I like Debian and apt-get. So run: #apt-get install syslog-ng Running Syslog-ng gives you more than the standard syslog daemon. 3. Configure syslog-ng to recieve udp logs. root@hoth:/# cd /etc/syslog-ng/root@hoth:/etc/syslog-ng# vi syslog-ng.conf side […]

ESX Commands – esxcfg-boot

What in the world does this command do? esxcfg-bootesxcfg-boot -h –help -q –query bootvmkmod -p –update-pci -b –update-boot -d –rootdev UUID= -a –kernelappend -r –refresh-initrd -g –regenerate-grubQueries cannot be combined with each other or other options. Passing -p or -d enables -b even if it is not passed explicitly. -b implies -g plus a new […]

ESX Commands – esxcfg-auth

Following my alphabetical method of learning. esxcfg-authusage: esxcfg-auth [options] options: –enablemd5 Enable MD5 password storage –disablemd5 Disable MD5 password storage –enableshadow Enable Shadow password storage –disableshadow Disable Shadow password storage –enablenis Enable NIS Authentication –disablenis Disable NIS Authentication –nisdomain=domain Set the NIS domain –nisserver=server Set the NIS server –enableldap Enable LDAP User Management –disableldap Disable […]

From Professional VMware – Virtual Machine Disk Sizing Tool

Cool Sizing spreadsheet I found at Professional VMware “This is a tool that I created a while back to assist in sizing needed disk space in a deployment. Straight forward to use, the totals are calculated as follows: VMDK Size + Ram Size * 1.1 + 12Gb = Total Needed. While the VMDK may be […]