Your mom goes to VMworld 2010

Am I allowed to say that?

ooops the video I used was removed from youtube

Wow, it is almost here. Today I am getting ready for my flight to SFO tomorrow morning. This is a short post to preview what is planned for the blog during VMworld.

  • A daily recap blog. Getting all of the detail of the days is going to be a big task. So much will be going on there is no way I will get it all but I will give my perspective on that is going on.

  • A video feature. I am teaming up with @kevin_miller and we will be getting some “unique” perspectives from people in and around VMworld. If no one will cooperate I will make something up. Need to find a mic.

  • Pictures from the In-n-Out meetup.

I do have some non-goofing around goals for the trip. There is a massive value to VMworld. I hope I get to all the sessions I want early enough to get in. I am looking for ways to improve what I do everyday which is design, implement and support VMware solutions. I am excited for cool new features as much as the next guy but too much focus on futures and you can miss the stuff that will help you right now.

Written on August 28, 2010