You might be a vDiva if...

I am avoiding a post where I have to think really hard about a topic. That makes me procrastinate and come up with even crazier ideas. I am writing this one down now. Most of these apply to me so if you are offended by any of them you are probably a vDiva.

You might be a vDiva if…

… you roll your eyes when someone talks about installing a PHYSICAL server.

… you are on twitter to see how many people you can get to look at your blog, but you never stoop so low to interact with the common folk.

… you are surprised when the guy at the table at the VMUG doesn’t know who you are.

… you constantly check your Google Analytics account to see how many views you have. (guilty)

… you refer to yourself as @… (your twitter account)

… you hunt down @jtroyer if you latest post takes too long to get on the v12n board.

… your require a signed rider agreement with your speaking topic for VMworld, saying you need 800 green M&M’s, a copy of Lord of the Rings in your hotel room, and direct phone access to Steve Herrod’s iPhone.

I probably ticked a bunch of people off. I am just having fun. Have a great day! Go ahead and add your own in the comments.

Written on May 26, 2010