VMworld 2010 voting - Check out this VDI Session

I try to not “self promote” too much. A co-worker and I submitted a topic in the Desktop Virtualization track and I am giving in and spreading the word:

> > **Thinning Down to Scale Out** > > > > Abstract: > > > > Desktop Virtualization provides the ability run hundreds even thousands of desktops. Each small performance enhancement can make a difference when multiplied across an entire enterprise. This presentation will demonstrate the steps necessary to thin down your guest desktop image in order to provide overall better user experience. > > > > **_Speaker: Kevin Miller, VeriStor Systems_** > >

We are not popular so this doesn’t qualify for the popularity contest that many other sessions have, plus my name doesn’t even show on the Session.  One thing I will say is this will be a Practical technical session. You should leave saying, “here is some stuff I can do to improve my VDI setup.”

So go vote and if we get to present the session I will give you a high five. Vote now because voting ends May 26.

Written on May 25, 2010