Things a VMware Consultant should not Tweet.

So I don’t have any real content today. So I will make up things you should not tweet from a customer site.

  1. @duncanYB How do I add a host to vCenter again?

  2. Just overwrote dudes LUNS, hope there wasn’t anything on them.

  3. Licenses? Everyone can use my file.

  4. Just P2V’d dudes server in the middle of the day. Hope no one noticed the reboot.

  5. iSCSI, Service Console, VM Network, DMZ, VMotion. All on one NIC Sweet! (don’t ruin the effect by commenting about 10GigE)

  6. Exchange and SQL on SATA? No better use for a single 1 TB drive!

  7. Just finished my first ESX install on a real server. Faster than it was in Workstation.

  8. @Texiwill is there  a way to blank the root password for the Service Console?

  9. Failover is for dummies that don’t do it right the first time.

  10. Can’t wait to leave here so I can finish building my life size Yoda robot.

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Written on August 6, 2009