Some Xsigo Links

*Disclaimer I work for a Xsigo Partner, but I also think it is cool stuff. I do not get any compensation from any vendor for any blog post. My opinions are my own, unless I am copying them from someone.

I recently had someone on twitter ask if there were more Xsigo resources out there for research. He commented that it was really cool, but seemingly hard to find information. I tried to find good information that had some technical content (not just a press release). So I will post some links here and as I come across more I will update this post.

Straight from Xsigo Resources

Blog Posts Xsigo - Try it out, I dare you! - Nigel Poulton (Awesome review and great comments)

Xsigo tips and tricks - Scott Lowe (Good technical content, some of this may have changed since new XMS’ have been released.)

Benefitting from IO Virtualization - Scott Lowe (Another good look at the product)

Maximizing I/O Virtualization - Scott Lowe (Again good concepts)

Written on June 24, 2010