Secure to the Hosted VM

While trying to cook up a way to secure client hosted VM’s I thought of this layout. A Virtual Firewall Appliance that creates an IPsec tunnel back to the client network. Then placing the client virtuals on a dedication vSwitch.

Has anyone tried something like this? I hope that VI4 / vSphere will include a way to make this a reality. I figure a downside of just creating a infrastructure with some kind of m0n0wall appliance is the appliance would need to move from host to host in a DRS/HA cluster. I bet with some scripting and/or affinity rules I might be able to keep them together. It would be good of the new infrastructure would have layer 3 or firewall capability that would exist across the cluster. Then you would not have to worry about vMotioning a virtual firewall around.

Maybe someone has a better way to do this? Am I over thinking it? I would want this best way of assuring clients their data doesn’t mix at any point physical or virtual unless it is in the VPN tunnel.

Written on February 10, 2009