Renewing the Push

It isn't time to freak out. Yet.Well I passed the VCP 4 and my CCNA expired (can’t get around to renewing it). At work I did the VTSP as required by the partner program. Since I am in a test taking grove I think I need to push to passing the Enterprise Administration Exam. There was a series I started a while back on command line management of ESX. So like several others I will set my next goal at the Enterprise Administration Exam.

Here are some good sites I have recently seen on studying for the Exam.

VCDX Study Guides Simon Long’s Site follow @vcdx001 on twitter he is giving hints about the design defense, great info, but don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

I think for this first test you just have to know what you are doing with VI 3. My big problem is having worked with vSphere for a couple months now I hope that doesn’t hurt me.

It isn't time to freak out. Yet.
Written on October 1, 2009