Have VCP will Travel or Move!

As are the times, my employer has decided to move their focus in another direction. It was never firmly on the Virtualization industry, so I guess I could see it coming when things were getting tight.

So I write today to inform the world I am considering all offers. I have a passport so I am not against going international. I enjoyed my trips to the UK and Dubai, I have lived in Southern California and “The South” (Memphis). So I can fit in just about anywhere.

Now I don’t think having a VCP uniquely qualifies me for any job. I just thought it would be a clever title, and it does mean something, I guess. I have almost 13 years experience in the IT field. Started as a help desk associate at USC in September 1996. I had the fun time of supporting PC’s, Apples, and Unix for the entire University user community. I then moved to Memphis and started on the help desk for an investment firm here in town. Worked my way up to a Citrix Administrator role then left to become the Network Administrator for another company here in town. All of my experience led me to a position with my last company doing pre-sales, Design, implementation and management of VMware, Cisco and SAN products. I don’t know everything, but I can immediately help any organization.

I am looking now for a position Promoting, Designing, Implementing VMware in Enterprise environments. I would love to live near family in Southern California or Memphis Tennessee, but that is not a requirement.

The other idea is to take 2Vcps to it full potential. I just need some support until it gets off the ground.

So for the time being I am sending this to let the word get out. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. I know this is going to become a greater opportunity then I can imagine.

Contact me at jowings@2vcps.com if you want more information.

Written on March 2, 2009