ESX Commands: esxcfg-vswitch

This is a command I use the most often. It is big when I configure Equalogic and MPIO in vSphere. Additionally, many times I show up on site and the network is not configured prior to my arrival. Even if I sent all the configs ahead of time. People like to wait until the last minute. When building the ESX environment then I may build it with the Service Console in the default vlan or in which ever one it is plugged into in the physical network. So oftern the network guy catches up and sets the dot1q trunk and I lose connectivity and I have to go to the console and set the vlans correctly. Like this: esxcfg-vswitch -v 8 -p "Service Console" vSwitch0 Speaking of iSCSI you will also set your jumbo frames on the vSwitch from this command esxcfg-vswitch -m 9000 vSwitch1 esxcfg-vswitch Of course there is a ton more you can do from this command. Here is some man page action for you: ` esxcfg-vswitch(8) VMware ESX Manual esxcfg-vswitch(8)

NAME esxcfg-vswitch - VMware ESX Virtual Switch Configuration tool


DESCRIPTION esxcfg-vswitch provides an interface for adding, removing, and modifying virtual switches and their settings. By default, there is a single virtual switch called vSwitch0.

OPTIONS -a –add Add a new virtual switch to the system. It requires a virtual switch name to be provided.

 -d --delete
         Delete a virtual switch.  This will fail if any ports on the virtual switch are still in use by VMkernel networks,
         vswifs, or VMs.

 -l --list
         List all virtual switches and their portgroups.

 -L --link
         Add an uplink to a virtual switch.  This will attach a new unused physical NIC to a virtual switch.

 -U --unlink
         Remove an uplink from a virtual switch.  This will remove a NIC from the uplink list of a virtual switch. If it is
         the last uplink, physical network connectivity for that switch will be lost.

 -R --restore-uplinks
         Restore uplinks for all virtual switches from config file. This will restore all uplinks for each virtual switch from
         configurtion file. INTERNAL USE ONLY.

 -M --add-pg-uplink
         Add an uplink to the list of uplinks for a portgroup

 -N --del-pg-uplink
         Delete an uplink from the list of uplinks for a portgroup

 -P --add-dvp-uplink
         Add an uplink to a DVPort on a DVSwitch. Must specify --dvp in the same commnad.

 -Q --del-dvp-uplink
         Delete an uplink from a  DVPort on a DVSwitch. Must specify --dvp in the same commnad.

 -p --pg
         Provide the name of the portgroup. For the â--vlanâ option,  "ALL" can be specified to operate on all portgroups of a
         virtual switch.

 -V --dvp
         Provide the DVPort ID of a DVSwitch.  -v --vlan
         Set the VLAN ID for a specific portgroup of a virtuals switch Using the option "0" will disable VLAN for this port-
         group.  Requires that the --pg option is also specified.

 -c --check
         Check to see if a virtual switch exists. The program prints a "1" if it exists; otherwise it prints "0".

 -A --add-pg
         Add a new portgroup to a virtual switch with the given name.

 -D --del-pg
         Delete a portgroup.  This operation will fail if the portgroup is in use.

 -C --check-pg
         Check whether the specified name is in use for a portgroup.  Prints "1" if the name is in use, prints "0" otherwise.

 -B --set-cdp
         Set the CDP status for a given virtual switch.  To set pass one of "down", "listen", "advertise", "both".

 -b --get-cdp
         Print the current CDP setting for this switch.

 -X --set-maxactive
         Set the max active uplinks for the virtual switch.

 -x --get-maxactive
         Get the max active uplinks for the virtual switch.

 -m --mtu
         Set the MTU for the vswitch.  This affects all the NICs attached to the vswitch.

 -r --restore
         Used at system startup to restore configuration.  INTERNAL USE ONLY.

 -h --help
         Print a simple help message.

EXAMPLES Add a Virtual Switch:

 esxcfg-vswitch --add vSwitch1

 Add a Portgroup to vSwitch0:

 esxcfg-vswitch --add-pg="New Portgroup" vSwitch0

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Written on November 22, 2009