Pure Storage Docker Volume Plugin and Docker Swarm

Using the Docker Volume Plugin with Docker Swarm

Remember the prerequisites. Check the official README for the latest information. Official README

Platform and Software Dependencies

Operating Systems Supported:

  • CentOS Linux 7.3
  • CoreOS (Ladybug 1298.6.0 and above)
  • Ubuntu (Trusty 14.04 LTS, Xenial 16.04.2 LTS)

Environments Supported :

  • Docker (v1.13 and above)
  • Swarm
  • Mesos 1.8 and above
Other software dependencies:
  • Latest iscsi initiator software for your operating system
  • Latest linux multipath software package for your operating system

Review: To install the plugin -

docker plugin install store/purestorage/docker-plugin:1.0 --alias pure

OR if you are annoyed by having to hit Y for the permissions the plugin requests.

docker plugin install store/purestorage/docker-plugin:1.0 --alias pure --grant-all-permissions

The installation process is the same as a standalone docker host except you must specify your clusterid. This is a unique string you assign to your swarm nodes.

docker plugin disable pure
docker plugin set pure PURE_DOCKER_NAMESPACE=<clusterid>
docker plugin enable pure

When you first install the Pure Volume Plugin the plugin is enabled. Docker will not allow you to modify the namespace while the plugin is in use. So we need to disable the plugin before making changes. This also means it is best to do this before creating and using any volumes.

Remember to put your API token and array management IP in the pure.json file under /etc/pure-docker-plugin/ - for each host.

More information here:

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Written on June 6, 2017